(Syracuse, N.Y., May 15) - Heís one of Americaís greatest inventors. He made indoor sports and summer blockbuster movies possible. His invention facilitated the growth of the microchip and pharmaceutical industries. Some even credit him for the rise of the New South and the Sun Belt. Heís Dr. Willis H. Carrier, the inventor of modern air conditioning. And with Fatherís Day approaching, Carrier Corporation intends to make sure the original Father of Cool is properly honored.

One hundred years ago this summer, Carrier, a gifted young engineer, invented modern air conditioning, making the world a much cooler place in which to live. On July 17, 1902 he designed the first system that provided man-made control over temperature, humidity, ventilation and indoor air quality as a solution to the quality problems experienced at a Brooklyn, N.Y. printing plant, Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company.

Edna Littlehale's own father, Harry Moor (pictured here in 1922), was a key engineer in the development of Carrier's centrifugal chiller.

For Fatherís Day 2002, Carrier Corporation, which still proudly bears his name, is launching a special Web site -- www.fatherofcool.com -- as a tribute to Dr. Carrier. Itís a place where people can celebrate the accomplishmefnts of this great, yet unsung Father of Cool, as well as pay homage to their own "cool" dads.

"Despite the immense impact of air conditioning on humankind, Willis Carrier is still surprisingly unknown, said Geraud Darnis, president, Carrier Corporation. We think he should rightfully be viewed by historians and the public as one of worldís greatest inventors. A humble but determined man, he truly changed the way we work and live."

On Carrier Corporationís special FatherofCool.com Web site, visitors can read articles about how Dr. Carrierís 100-year old invention and subsequent innovations have dramatically changed the world. The site will also feature never before published personal memories of Dr. Carrierís life from Edna Littlehales, an orphaned young woman that the Father of Cool took in at age 12 and supported through the day of her marriage. Now 82 years young, Mrs. Littlehales will share her fondest memories of Dr. Carrier, whom she considers a father figure, over several installments on the Web site during the next few weeks.

The FatherofCool.com Web site will also serve as a living tribute to all fathers. Visitors can post stories that tell the world why their dads are cool, read and share other engaging tales, print out a special "cool" certificate of merit to present to their dads on Fatherís Day and enter a drawing to win a limited edition "Father of Cool" t-shirt (NOTE: Carrier and UTC employees, their families, and suppliers to Carrier and UTC are not eligible to win a t-shirt. They can, however, submit a story and print out cool certificates for their fathers!).

" Our goal is to provide an interactive, fun experience for the public, and generate awareness and interest in Willis Carrier and the 100 th anniversary of his invention, said John Mandyck, acting vice president, communications. Through various publicity efforts, we expect to generate high traffic to this site".