Split System Units

Ducted & Non Ducted    Condensing units

Internal Ducted Air    Conditioning Units 


Internal Ducted Air     Conditioning Unit



Air cooled air conditioning units (ducted)

Internal ducted air conditioning unit



Encased indoor fan coils, complete with direct expansion indoor coil, suitable for use in cooling only or heat pump systems.

Vertical (upflow or downflow) and horizontal installations.

Casing of prepainted galvanized steel with high-density insulation for maximum durability & resistance to corrosion.

Indoor coils use internally grooved copper tubes with lanced sine wave aluminium fins.

Accessory electric heaters

Reinforced plastic condensate pan with brass drain connection inserts & secondary drain connection

Direct-drive centrifugal fans, powered by permanent split capacitor motors with field-selectable three-speed operation.

Includes Control power transformer and cooling control relay.

Sweat-type coil connections 
Permanent easy-access return air filter.

Refrigerant flow control via bypass Accurater.

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