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Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units



39CF “Clean Concept” units are adapted to the 39CL models without thermal bridge.
Range includes 18 pre-selected sizes with air flows from 420 l/s to 18600 l/s.
Casings meet the highest requirements of pharmaceutical, hospital, microelectronic, agriculture and food applications.
Unique panel and fixing concept offers a perfectly smooth optimum air flow section
Panels are fixed by rivet nuts and metric screws, giving the structure high rigidity and excellent leak tightness over a wide pressure range.
Modular concept of the two versions, combined with several insulation types and different finishes, offers right technical solution for any application, using minimum floor space.
Units can be delivered in sections for indoor or outdoor installation, completely assembled or knocked-down for on site assembly.
Aesthetics : smooth surfaces, clean lines and solid construction, the casings perfectly blend into any high-tech environment.
Easy maintenance : standardized components are interchangeable.
Access to these components is facilitated by easily removable panels and access doors.
Conformity with applicable European environment and safety standards, and with European performance standards.

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