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Air Handling Units

Air Handling Units



Wide range of 23 models offers air flows from 280 l/s to 27000 l/s.
Unique Flexible modular unit design enables Carrier to offer the right technical solution for any application, using minimum floor space
Units can be delivered in sections for indoor or outdoor installation, completely assembled, partially assembled or knocked-down for on-site assembly.
Profiled frames and vertical reinforcements the Carrier series make 39FD, FX air handling units are extremely rigid, and suitable for high-pressure applications with increased air flow.
Thermal and acoustic insulation in two thickness: 25 mm for model 39FD and 50 mm for model 39FX
Aesthetics : standard construction features profiled galvanized steel frames, and the panels are painted on the outside.
Easy maintenance : standardized components are interchangeable. Access to these components is facilitated by easily removable panels and access doors.
Conformity with applicable European environment and safety standards, and with the European performance standards.

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