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Air Handling Units



Range of Carrier 39R air handling units guarantees high thermal, aerodynamic and acoustic performances, while maintaining compactness and the highest hygiene and safety standards.
Range offers 8 pre-selected sizes with air flows from 194 l/s to 5555 l/s.
Panel assembly on a matching internal frame gives the 39RD/RX units excellent rigidity and leak tightness in applications with small and medium air flows, independent of the pressures of the installation.
Thermal and acoustic insulation in two thickness: 25 mm for model 39RD 50 mm for model 39RX.
Optimum internal air flow section reduces outside dimensions, suitable for applications with small and medium air flows
.Aesthetics : Detailed design research has resulted in a unit that is fully painted on the outside, with a smooth finish.
Aesthetics : standard construction features profiled galvanized steel frames, and the panels are painted on the outside.
Easy maintenance : standardized components are interchangeable. Access to these components is facilitated by easily removable panels and access doors.
Conformity with applicable European environment and safety standards, and with the European performance standards.

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