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Comfort Works is a PC based software interface utilizing the power of Microsoft Windows NT. The package offers true multi-tasking enabling the viewing of various data types at the same time, the checking of different system elements, and even the modification of operating parameters with the ability to see the real time results. Comfort Works is the Carrier Corporation software that is the primary human interface to the Carrier Comfort Network (CCN)

A true Multi-tasking System with no need for a dedicated PC.

A Local Area Network can be used: allowing multiple workstations to share a common system database.

Remote Communications are possible: allows access to remote ComfortWORKS databases (NT Remote Access). 

Graphical User Interface (GUI): provides a consistent look and intuitive operation.

Customized Access Levels:

Export data into other application software to issue reports: you can transport ComfortWORKS data to spreadsheet, word processor, and database programs.

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