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The Carrier line of commercial machines include the widest range of products in the industry, going from indoor and outdoor packaged splits and roof tops to chillers (reciprocating, screw, centrifugal and absorption) and air handling units, terminal fan coils and electronic controls. 


The history of commercial systems began with the founder of Carrier corporation: Willis Carrier. He invented the first centrifugal chiller in 1902. This chiller revolutionized the industry and set the pace for other players in the market to follow. It also changed the lives of many people who used to work in places where extreme weather conditions prevailed. Carrier’s inventions did not stop there. During world war II, the noisy air-conditioners in submarines made it easy for the enemy to detect them . The Carrier engineers utilized the chemical absorption technology to design the first absorption chiller, where chemical reactions produce the cooling effect, silently, without the need for compressors.

Carrier line of commercial products today includes a wide range of chillers. From reciprocating to screw, centrifugal and absorption. The Carrier line of screw compressor chillers utilize the state of the art Carrier patented screw compressor , built specifically for use with the ozone friendly non-CFC H-134A refrigerant.




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