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You can be rest assured that behind the highest quality Carrier air conditioning and refrigeration equipment in the world, is the UAE’s most extensive service and maintenance team. 

To ensure that your equipment is maintained at optimum - operating condition at all times, the service Business Unit at UTS Carrier has invested significantly in manpower and technology to serve our customers in the UAE.


We have also developed several maintenance programs that guarantee economy, comfort and security. The company’s field force, more than 250 qualified and skilled technicians undergo extensive training on the job and in the classroom, where they are instructed in equipment maintenance as well as refrigerant management and environmental protection. 

Technologically, UTS Carrier is at the forefront of air conditioning maintenance. Carrier’s 24 Hour Service Link is the only one of its kind in the Middle East, that allows a system to be electronically and automatically monitored by the service centre, where factory-trained engineers and technicians are on call every minute of every day. In the event you require emergency around the clock repair service, UTS Carrier has the resources to be there. 

Customer service is an abiding ethic, throughout our organization. In whatever we do and wherever we are, at a building site or on the ship floor, we constantly measure ourselves by how quickly and efficiently we meet the needs of our customers. 






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