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Uses the ammonia / water absorption cycle.
Powered by gas burner (methane or LPG), therefore requires only limited electrical energy.
Capable of producing chilled water temperatures as low as 4C.
Available with heating modules (16CH) allowing production (simultaneously) of chilled and hot water up to approx. 80C.
Designed for optimum efficiency at the lowest noise levels.
No impact on the ozone layer, no green-house effect.
Very low wear and tear and minimum failure risk. Only two moving parts to operate.
Absence of refrigerants means low maintenance, no refrigerant leaks and no need for periodical recharging.
Units may be equipped with a filtering system for the cooling air to the  condenser/absorber protecting from the accumulation of dirt and scaling.
Microprocessor control system
  • display 16 different fault conditions: insufficient system water flow, pump defect, generator overheating etc.
Easy to install, only three connections:  water, gas and electricity.
Ready to use, even at extreme temperatures: from -10C to +45C in cooling mode, or down to -20C in heating mode, guaranteeing reliability for all climates.

Adaptable to any application: banks or insurance companies, hotels, holiday villages etc.

Modular, enabling air conditioning of your application in stages.

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