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High Efficiency Hermetic Centrifugal Liquid Chiller   

19XR – 200 to 1500 Nominal Tons (703 to 5275 kW)
19XRT – 350 to 525 Nominal Tons (1230 to 1845 kW)

Carrier’s Evergreen™ chillers offer the best value in high-efficiency chlorine-free centrifugal chillers.

Today’s customers demand high-efficiency products with exceptional value. Carrier’s Evergreen centrifugal chillers provide this value by achieving energy efficiency levels approaching 0.50 kW/ton (0.142 kW/kW) using proven technology designed specifically for chlorine-free refrigerant. This combination ensures the most cost-effective, reliable solution for today’s comfort cooling and process cooling applications.

In a technological breakthrough that represents the only major change to the basic vapor compression refrigeration cycle since 1922, Carrier has significantly reduced the power consumption of HFC-134a positive-pressure chillers. The result is ultra-high energy efficiencies, giving the Evergreen chillers the highest efficiency of any chlorine-free chiller in the world.

With the use of variable frequency drives, part load IPLV valves in the range of 0.38 kw/ton can be achieved.











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